Before and After

German Wagen Werks is a new shop, but rich in VW and Westy history.

Bryan Stutler has been tinkering with VW’s when his best friend Christian picked up a 1974 Super Beetle in 1989.  Bryan has worked in several automotive shops over the years.  All of which had one thing in common, specialization in German cars.


Create an environment that offers clients an honest, clean and confident automotive experience.  From repairs to performance modification, German Wagen Werks aspires to be a personal experience for those that love their cars, trucks and vans.  The first step was to completely gut the shop and start fresh.  Paint, floors, furniture and fixtures were all replaces to make a modern but classic space. Second, Bryan is building a culture with professional service technicians where customers can get honest advice and confident service. Check out the differences between before and after the remodel!
Recently, Bryan and Christian recognized a need in the community for a specialty German automotive repair shop, specifically Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche.  Bryan decided in the fall of 2016 to take on the challenge and signed a lease for the Depaoli shop.

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